Splash into Serenity: Your Guide to the Coolest Spa Spot in Bad Ragaz

Splash into Serenity: Your Guide to the Coolest Spa Spot in Bad Ragaz

Water Wonders: The Magic Source

Bad Ragaz isn’t your everyday chill-out place; it’s practically best friends with water. Picture this: a fancy resort tucked away in the Swiss mountains, throwing it back to ancient times when baths were all the rage. It’s not just a spa, it’s like a magic water wonderland for a mega boost of good vibes.

Spa Magic: More Than Just Soaking in Bad Ragaz

Hold on to your comfy robes, ’cause this spa is no ordinary hot tub hangout in Bad Ragaz. It’s like a massive watery kingdom covering a whopping 6,050 square meters. The star of the show? The Helena pool, surrounded by waterfalls, whirlpool baths, and secret underwater currents. You can soak up that thermal water magic not just in your spa moments but in everything—from chill sessions and workouts to beauty treatments and even sipping it down with your dinner.

Rooms That Soak Up the Goodness

And the water adventure in Bad Ragaz doesn’t stop at the spa! The coolest rooms, the sleek spa suites, take the plunge into a thermal water paradise. Imagine floor-to-ceiling windows with mountain views! Plus, here’s the cool part—all the water in these suites is the special thermal kind. So, whether you’re in the shower, chilling in a whirlpool bath, or washing your face, it’s like a mini-spa right in your room.

Sipping on Eau: A Water Wonderland

For all you water fans out there, the lobby of the spa suites is like a water library in Bad Ragaz. There are 25 to 30 different types at the bar. Feeling a bit lost in the water choices? No worries! They even have a water sommelier. GQ’s pick? The Beneva black water with activated charcoal—it’s like a detox superhero with a taste of blackberries. And just to be clear, the water isn’t a party drink, but hold on; there’s some special water-based beer action.

Beer and Beyond: The Liquid Fun

Yep, you heard it right—the thermal water isn’t just for sipping. Bad Ragaz has its own beer, the 36.5 Quell, served at Zollstube restaurant. It’s a golden-blond beer that’s crisp and just downright yummy. So, you can say cheers to a sip that’s been touched by those magical healing waters.

Feast Fit for Royalty: Culinary Delights

Now, when it comes to grub, there are seven restaurants to pick from, but let’s talk about the real superstar—Michelin-starred Igniv by Swiss chef Andreas Caminada. It’s like a foodie dream with comfort food vibes. But hey, if you’re on a health kick, Cuisine Équilibrée is your go-to. They’ve got a menu designed to keep those scales happy.

Dive In: A Healing Getaway

Now, if all this water wonder has you hooked, Healing Holidays is spilling the deets on a three-night stay starting at £1,669.00 per person. This awesome deal includes flights, transfers, a cozy stay at Grand Hotel Hof Ragaz, all-you-can-soak access to the spa, fitness classes, and a three-day Therapeutic Relaxation program. Time to pack that swimsuit and get ready for the ultimate watery escape in Bad Ragaz!