A three day trek between moutains and the sea

From Bonifacio to Figari, this is a three day ride during which we bivouak for the night

First day : Departure from the Ranch at aproximatly 09h00. We visite successivly Canetto beach, wedged between two limestone cliffs and the magnificent beach at Balistra. We then pick-nick in the mountains between the green plains of Fraselli and the forest of cork oaks before riding to the dam at Figari where we bivouak for the first night.

Second day : After breakfast we set our for Tonarra beach with it's transparente waters, this is where we take our midday break. As we head back in the direction of Fraselli we come accross heards of goats and cows which are half wild. This is the setting for our second bivouac.

Third Day : In the early morning, after breakfast, riders and horses make a detour through the undergrowth to reach the gulf of Ventilègne. Here, above the famous cliffs of Bonifacio and the Island of Sardinia.

On our return to the ranch, a convivial evening will be organized to round off our joint adventure.

ancv : chèque-vacance

Costs :

390 € For each person for the three day excursion

Concerning the organisation : we provide the meals and supplies for the bivouak. Our tents and mats are at your disposition. You will need to bring sleeping-bags, your toiletries, warm clothing, waterproofs in case of rain and torches.